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Email (or text) like a boss…

business plan email real estate Feb 18, 2023
Email like a boss

Our words are important but how we say things is even more vital. The subtle differences in the way we say things can make a huge difference in a deal or in a relationship. Here are my top communication tweaks that can change the outcome of each interaction. 

1. When you response took a while…

❌ Sorry for the delay

✅ Thanks for your patience


2. When your schedule is important…

❌ What time works best for you?

✅ Can you do Friday afternoon?


3. Yeah, you are welcome….

❌ No problem or No worries. 

✅ I’m always happy to help  


4. Do you get it?

❌ I hope this makes sense

✅ Let me know if you have any questions


5. Where are we on this?

❌ Just wanted to check in.

✅ Can I get an update.


6. I made a small error…

❌ Sorry, my bad, I totally missed that  

✅ Thanks for letting me know  


7. I have an appointment…

❌ Could I possibly leave early?

✅ I will need to leave for 


8. I know what I’m doing…

❌ I think maybe we should

✅ It would be best if we


It is the little differences that make the deal, try to remember these next time you have to get your point across, better yet, save these as text replacements in your phone so they automatically pop up while you are responding.